Tour Verona and Valpolicella

You can book this tour directly online

You can book this tour directly online

Tour Verona – Valpolicella

The historic center of Verona is undoubtedly a place full of characteristic places that are worth visiting every moment of the year.

The ideal starting point is the central Piazza Bra.

Here you can admire the ancient walls of the Arena di Verona, home every year to one of the most famous opera festivals in Europe, and the Portoni della Bra.

The many other monuments of the city can be reached with a pleasant walk that will leave you speechless at every step.

Maybe starting from Corso Porta Nuova, the shopping street of Verona, which connects Piazza Bra to Piazza Erbe.

You can also visit many other famous monuments, such as:


The most imposing monument of the city or the Roman Theatre of Verona, where theatrical performances are still held during the summer season, both are located a few minutes walk from the Arena.

However, a visit to Verona cannot be considered complete without having taken a look at the

Giulietta’s house

Giulietta's house

and its famous balcony, made famous throughout the world for the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.

Valpolicella tour Amarone and Valpolicella wineries

Here you can taste typical wines of the area, such as Valpolicella classico, Ripasso, Amarone, in one of the many wineries with a visit of the winery on request.

A curiosity: the name VALPOLICELLA comes from the ancient Latin Val Poli Cella that is, the valley (val) where there were, and still there are, although called cellars, many (poli) cellars (cella) and hence the English name cellar.

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