Vacation in Italy

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There are dozens and dozens of places to vacation in Italy for all ages.

Those who love the mountains can find tranquility on the peaks of the Alps or the Apennines, those who love the sea can choose from 7,456 kilometers of coastline.


Those who prefer to explore the hinterland of the various regions can find fantastic hilly areas such as Tuscany, areas to go to the lake and plenty of farmhouses where they can enjoy many activities in the midst of nature.

Where to go on a beach vacation in Italy?


Lerici is located in the province of La Spezia in Liguria and is a perfect destination to spend a few days by the sea. It is located near the Cinque Terre and there are several beaches to go to in this area as well.

The best places to go on a beach vacation in Italy in 2023:

  • Amalfi Coast, Campania
    Cinque Terre, Liguria
    Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
    Jesolo, Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione, Veneto
    Elba Island, Tuscany
    Sabaudia, Lido di Ostia and Nettuno, Lazio
    Gallura, Sardinia
    Maratea, Basilicata
    Salento, Apulia
    Rocca San Giovanni, Marche

Where to go on vacation in the mountains?

Once again of we thought of, making a list of the best places to go on vacation in the mountains in Italy in 2023:

  • Santa Maria Maggiore, Piedmont
    Cortina d’Ampezzo, Veneto
    Civitella Alfedena, Abruzzo
    Etna slopes, Sicily
    Vigo di Fassa, Trentino
    Chiavenna, Lombardy
    Glorenza, Trentino Alto Adige
    Malborghetto Valbruna, Friuli Venezia Giulia
    Siusi Alps, South Tyrol
    Alagna Valsesia, Piedmont
    Monte Rosa, Piedmont

Vacations in Italy-where to go on a low-cost beach vacation?

Stacks of Torre Sant Andrea, Salento coast, Puglia region, Italy

Stacks of Torre Sant Andrea, Salento coast, Puglia region, Italy

Here is a list of areas and locations to go on vacation:

  • Savona coastline
    The coast of the Etruscans
    The Maremma
    Mount argentario
    Massa Carrara
    Bellaria-Igea Marina
    Ionian Coast
    Salento in Apulia


The tens of kilometers of coastline have dozens of free and equipped beaches where you can spend a few days of vacation.

  • Celle Ligure
    Albissola Marina
    Albissola Superiore
    Pietra Ligure

Bellaria-Igea Marina

It is located in the province of Rimini and is seen as a low-cost destination for summer vacations on the Romagna Riviera. It is a coastline with various bathing establishments, dozens of meters of beach and plenty of space, making it an ideal destination for family vacations.
The Etruscan Coast

Corresponds to that part of Tuscany between Livorno and Piombino. The name comes from the presence of locations where artifacts of this ancient civilization have been found, with dozens of civic museums scattered along the coast.

Among the most popular seaside areas are:

  • San Vincenzo
    Rosignano Marittimo
    Marina di Bibbona
    Castagneto Carducci
    Masso delle fanciulle
    Campiglia Marittima

Vacations in Italy–the Maremma coastline

Cala Violina

The Maremma area is full of agritourisms, seaside resorts and natural protected areas. It is the perfect destination to spend a few days in an agritourism, camping or one of the facilities along the coast. From here, you can visit some of Tuscany’s medieval villages, take part in horseback riding or excursions to the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

  • Castiglione della Pescaia
    Marina di Grosseto

Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario is located in the southern part of Tuscany and is a beloved destination for its many coves. One of the most famous is Cala del Gesso, and it takes about 20-30 minutes downhill on foot to reach it.

  • Orbetello
    Porto Ercole
    Porto Santo Stefano

Massa Carrara coastline

Massa Carrara is the ideal seaside area for families. The predominantly sandy coastline is perfect for children. Along the coast between Marina di Massa and Viareggio, it is possible to find as many low-cost destinations in which to spend your vacation.

  • Marina di Massa
    Marina di Carrara
    Marina of Sarzana


Numana is located in the province of Ancora and is the perfect area for those who love a vacation surrounded by nature. Natural beaches, protected areas, mountain hiking and Hiking are just some of the things you can do in and around Numana.


Fano is located in the province of Pesaro and Urbino and is the perfect destination for a family vacation.

Dozens of meters of beach, apartments to rent suitable for young and old, and many well-equipped beaches to choose from.


Pineto is a beach area on the Adriatic Sea awarded the Blue Flag since 2006. It is a location where there are dozens of campsites, hotels and residences suitable for spending a relaxing week by the sea.

The Ionian coast of Basilicata is a perfect area of Italy to spend a week on vacation. In fact, there are dozens of beaches to go to.

  • AcquaFredda Beach
    Beach d’a Gola
    Cala Jannita
    Bosco Pantano beach
    Lido of Metaponto
    Calaficarra Beach
    Nova Siri Marina
    Riva dei Ginepri
    Fiumicello Beach
    Ponticello Beach


Vacations in Italy… Baia degli Infreschi in Camerota

Camerota is a medieval town in the province of Salerno famous for its Cilento surroundings. In the coastal area there are many beaches and natural areas to explore visit. It is a magnificent place for those seeking a vacation in the midst of nature during the summer.


Ricadi is a town located in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria. It is a perfect location to spend a few days at the sea. In fact, it is possible to make excursions in the surroundings exploring some caves with guided tours and go to the beach surrounded by nature.


Maracalagonis is located in Sardinia and precisely in the metropolitan area of Cagliari.

It is the perfect destination for those who have a normal budget and still want to go on vacation in Sardinia. Not only that, in the municipal area you can find excellent beaches, archaeological sites to visit and participate in various excursions.

From here you can travel to visit the city of Cagliari and discover the main sea areas, towns and excursions to do in this area.

Salento in Apulia

Salento is one of the most popular and sought-after summer destinations.

  • Torre dell’Orso
    San Foca
    Santa Cesarea Terme
    Castro marina
    Santa Maria di Leuca
    Torre Vado
    Torre Mozza
    Torre Pali
    Marine of Nardò
    Lapillo Tower

Vacations in Italy… the east coast of Sicily

The east coast of Sicily includes several locations that make it perfect for a vacation of a few days.

  • Taormina
    Aci trezza
    Lachea Island

Solo travel lovers this year can find many new destinations to go to in Italy. Traveling alone means having an adventure with yourself by unplugging from the routine and hustle and bustle of the city.

There are several advantages to traveling alone. First of all, it is easier to organize the trip and you can let curiosity move us while still maintaining an itinerary.

Here are what are the best itineraries for solo travel in Italy:

tuscany landside

  • The medieval villages of Tuscany
    Visiting the most beautiful Italian cities: Rome, Florence and Venice.
    Exploring the 5 terre
    The promontory of Gaeta

The Gargano

First of all, it is important to have a list of things to pack so that you are prepared for a long itinerary. In fact, during a solo trip, the stops might cover two or three weeks so as to take us to discover secret places and turn the trip into a life experience.
The coastline of Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is the perfect region for family vacations. There are many locations on the coast where you can go to the beach by staying in hotels that include a personal umbrella on the beach.

Not only that, the adventure parks of Mirabilandia and Mirabeach are definitely another good reason to choose this region for your summer vacation.
Vacations in Italy… Lazio between art and amusement parks

Lazio is a region that offers art, history, sea and lakes. On the Latium coast you can find dozens of lidos where you can spend your vacation together with your family. The areas of Terracina and generally in the province of Frosinone are among the most popular. Many tourists choose the lakes of Bolsena, Vico and Bracciano.
Tuscan countrysideTour in the Tuscan countryside

Taking a car tour in Tuscany visiting the most beautiful natural areas of this region is definitely a trip suitable for families with children. Visiting ancient castles, natural areas, parks and ancient villages alternating walks in the countryside with farmhouses with swimming pools is definitely a good itinerary for the whole family.

Where to go on vacation in Italy during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life and in the life of a couple. Generally, before leaving for a vacation it is necessary to choose some destinations where swimming is possible because it is a recommended activity.

Seaside locations or resorts where there are swimming pools are preferred.

Where to go on a mountain vacation in Italy?

Italy is a beautiful country in which there are also many places to go on mountain vacations. The whiteness of the snow changes the landscape from winter to summer, and the kind of hiking you can do also changes.

Here is the list of locations to go to in the mountains during the summer months:

  • Bardonecchia
    Campitello di Fassa
    Madonna di Campiglio
    Alta Pusteria
    Apuan Alps
    Alta Badia in the Dolomites
    Fassa Valley

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