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Mercedes S class

The Mercedes S-class is an elegant top-of the-line, full-sized luxury sedan. It offers plush comfort, with air-suspension to guarantee a smooth ride. Perfect for relaxing in after an international flight, for making a long journey so much smoother or for making a good impression on clients. An excellent choice for Corporate or VIP services and ideal for up to 3 passengers.

Mercedes E class

Elegant and luxurious Mercedes Benz E Class Sedan, is the classic Limousine / Sedan ideal for Services of Representation, Leisure Services. Traveling with the sinuous Mercedes Benz Sedan you will enjoy maximum comfort. At the same time, the knowledge and tranquility of being on board one of the most prestigious cars in its class. The spacious luggage compartment allows you to load up to 4 suitcases.

Mercedes V class

Luxurious yet functional, spacious yet elegant, this Mercedes Benz minivan represents the pinnacle of luxury in its class. In addition to the usual high-end Mercedes options, it is equipped with a briar leather interior, ‘lounge’ seating arrangement, tinted windows, double A/C and automatic sliding doors. The ideal option for Executive, Business and VIP services as well as pleasure trips and long transfers. This minivan represents an elegant balance between the excellence of the Mercedes-Benz finish and the unparalleled comfort for this category of vehicles.
sprinter mercedes venicegroupservices

Mercedes Sprinter

This personalised, ultra-capable luxury vehicle has luggage room for up to 20 standard- size suitcases and 10 cabin bags. Thanks to its technical innovations capable of optimising passenger comfort, this particular vehicle is extremely suitable to the needs of larger groups. Its loading capacity can manage even the bulkiest of items, such as skis, bicycles, boxes and extra large suitcases, without compromising on a relaxing passenger experience.
sprinter mercedes venicegroupservices

Mercedes equipped

This customised version is equipped with a hydraulic platform allowing for access to all. The usual Mercedes interior comfort is guaranteed and the superior luggage space is perfect for transporting bulky sporting equipment, large boxes and suitcases. Suitable for larger groups or those with limited mobility.
water taxi venicegroupservices

Water taxi

Our private motorboats are an excellent option for up to 12 passengers without luggage and up to 8 passengers with normal luggage. The boats can be included in the standard ground service package or as a stand-alone, unforgettable ride through the magical city of Venice.

Car fleet features

Our fleet Venicegroupservices

For the development of car rental services with driver, Venicegroupservices provides a large fleet of cars, consisting of modern cars of the best brands:

Representative sedans up to 4 passengers Mercedes E class

Veicoli Venicegroupservices

VeniceGroupServices offers premium vehicles and professional staff to its valued business customers.

Our clients can choose from a fleet of the latest high-class cars and vans, all chauffeured by our experienced drivers.

Our large fleet consists of more than 10 chauffeured business cars, sedans and minivans.

We offer sedans for up to 4 business passengers with the luxurious Mercedes E Class; comfort and elegance with the Mercedes S Class for up to 3 passengers and a relaxing ride with our station wagon suitable for up to 3 passengers.

In addition to guaranteeing the comfort and safety of our clients, we can offer our services for larger bookings to cover events and conferences and we can also adapt to those who require extra help with mobility.

All vehicles are fully compliant with the current environmental regulations, can circulate in limited traffic zones and use dedicated lanes for cars with drivers.

All of our fleet is equipped with :

  • SatNav
  • A ‘Telepass’ which allows for fast and automatic payment at the motorway toll booths
  • Wifi access (on request without extra charge)
  • A POS device for easy and convenient payments with either debit or credit cars

In addition to being a guarantee of comfort and safety, it also responds to more complex mobility needs related to events or conferences that require the use of a large contingent of cars / minivans.

Venicegroupservices vehicles and environmentalism

All our vehicles are full-optionals in compliance with current environmental regulations.

They are obviously authorized to circulate in limited traffic zones and preferential lanes for car service with driver.