Limited mobility service

Service for people with disabilities
or limited mobility

Limited mobility services

Even those who are limited in mobility/disabled, have the possibility to travel with us.

Because we use vehicles specially equipped with electro-hydraulic platform without having to move from the wheelchair.

Electro-hydraulic platform

The disabled service is also available in Venice city center with boats equipped with the same type of device.


The world of disability has experienced profound transformations in contemporary times.

This is thanks to the development of an area of research that originates from the activism of people with disabilities.

This area of study initially spread to countries of Anglo-Saxon culture and then expanded into Northern Europe.

Then, starting in the 1970s, numerous actions to renew services and interventions in favor of people with disabilities took shape.

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Disabled-Service – Limited mobility services

The so-called process of insertion of the handicapped is the subject of the social policies of those years has gradually refined, until it has become a process of integration.

This process presents itself as a research horizon that is internally.

It’s very differentiated but that belongs to a unifying theory that shares a common plot that includes a critical approach to the normative and social language of the deficit.

An examination of the social and institutional practices that cause exclusion and the achievement of emancipation and self-determination from a rights perspective.

Social Inclusion

In addition, there is a distinction between the terms social inclusion and social integration.

Social inclusion is the situation in which, with reference to a series of aspects that allow individuals to live according to their own values and choices.

It is also possible to improve one’s conditions and make the differences between people and groups socially acceptable.

Social integration, on the other hand, is something more profound, such as the inclusion of different identities in a single context within which there is no discrimination.

Integration is understood as the process through which the system acquires.

Above all preserves a structural and functional unity, maintaining a balance through processes of social cooperation and coordination between roles and institutions.