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We arrange a visit to Padua and in particular to the Scrovegni Chapel. You will make an exciting journey to discover the paintings of Giotto, a world heritage site.

We pick you up in Venice piazzale Roma, or Mestre, or airports, wherever you are and after 40 minutes you reach Padua.

Scrovegni chapel

The Chapel stands among the ruins of the ancient arena of Padua, probably erected between 60 and 70 AD. In the 14th century it was purchased by the Scrovegni, a rich Paduan family of bankers and usurers, who built their palace here in 1300. Between March 25, 1303 and March 25, 1305, the Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Annunziata was erected, at the behest of Enrico Scrovegni in suffrage of the soul of his father Reginaldo, placed by Dante (Divine Comedy) in Hell because he was a usurer.

After the visit, that we remind you must be booked in advance, a short visit to the

Basilica di S. Antonio

St. Anthony was born in Lisbon in 1195 to parents favored by God with spiritual riches and a certain wealth. After the first education he received in his father's house from a canonical uncle, he continued his education in the bishop's school attached to the Curia. With age he also grew in humility, united with contempt for worldly glories; virtues which, together with his fame as a thaumaturge, will always distinguish him. Feeling inclined to solitude, the Saint soon decided to retire to a convent and chose the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine.

There he gave himself with such fervor to the mortification of the flesh, to retreat and to an industrious silence, that he became a mirror for his confreres. At the end of the visit we will take you back to where you were picked up, or to another destination of your choice.
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