Get the most out of your cruise

by Venice Group Services

What to know about cruises

The time is coming to book your next vacation, and some relative friend will have told you about his or her cruise experience, perhaps enthusiastically or perhaps discouraging you a bit and making your vacation choice more complicated.

But what does it mean to take a cruise?

A cruise is first and foremost a vacation within a vacation, where the first destination you choose will be just the ship and then what, in your vacation time, you have chosen to visit. Have you ever thought about visiting 3/4 sometimes 5 or even more destinations in the same trip?

the best from the suite cruise

If you have thought about it the only answer you may have given yourself is a cruise.

In fact only with a cruise will you be able to see for example seven islands of the Caribbean in only seven days, only with a cruise will you be able to enter the Norwegian fjords and comfortably sitting on the chair of your cabin balcony, admire what even from the mainland is not visible or leave Venice leaving St. Mark’s Square behind and then sail across the Adriatic and land in the Greek islands without even realizing it.

So if you haven’t taken a cruise, don’t shoot that you will be the one to choose which cabin to sleep in, opting for inside cabins, without a window and therefore cheaper, or choose a sea-view cabin with or without a balcony.

If, on the other hand, you are the picky type you can choose to stay in a suite or even a loft or garden villa depending on the ship you choose.

In addition if you have never been on a cruise you will not know that all food is always included in the price at all hours of the day and night and that you will only pay for drinks unless you have purchased a drinks package that allows you to have those included as well.

But it doesn’t end there, if you have never been on a cruise, you may not know that every time you arrive at a port portai you decide whether to get off the ship independently and visit the destination as you like or purchase an excursion that will allow you to have everything organized.

On the other hand, if you decide to stay on board most of the entertainment services on board are included such as gym, theater, entertainment activities are all included. Only activities related to personal care (massages, beauty treatments, hairdressing, etc.) and shopping in the stores on board remain excluded

If you are traveling with children and so since you have never been on a cruise, you will not know that if they are under 12 years old they never pay and that when they are on board they can attend the mini-club all day for free with other children their age and highly trained staff who will take care of them.

How to choose a cruise line and type of cruise

So now how to choose a cruise?

How to figure out the major differences between each company? Which itinerary? And then how to choose the cabin? Which offer best suits my needs?

These are the most common questions among those who have never taken a cruise and which are usually answered in a travel agency or online. On these pages we hope to help provide clarity and answers.

Which Company to Choose

Currently le the cruise world sees 4 major players on the world stage plus a number of smaller or niche independent companies .

In order of importance and size (both passenger and revenue) they are:

Carnival Corporation which includes: Carnival Cruise line, Costa Cruises, Holland America Cruise, Aida Cruises, P&O Cruises (UK), P&O Cruises (AU), Cunard, Princess, Seabourn

Royal Caribbean International which includes: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Pullmantur, Azamara, Celebrity Cruises, CDF, Island Cruises, Tui Travel Plc.

Star Cruise which includes: Star Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line.

Msc with no acquired brands

In addition to these brands, other smaller brands are added to the broader range of shipowners in the market representing small specific market niches such as, for example, grand luxury or dedicated cruises to specific destinations and river cruises.

So having made this small premise, the question remains: which company do I choose?

Let’s start with the fact that in this in these pages we will talk about maritime ones.

For the Italian market, which is what we are addressing in these pages, surely the choice narrows down to many fewer brands, especially because of the language spoken on board-Italian.

Msc Crociere and Costa Crociere make their Italian origin a strong commercial lever.

Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, already for many years have been selling steadily (i.e., embarking from Italy) in the Italian market since they have guaranteed Italian-speaking staff, security announcements, menus at Italian-language restaurants, Italian television, and excursions in with Italian-speaking guides.

For us Italians (who are a linguistic minority, it is very important to be able to use our mother tongue on a cruise, not only for recreational and dining aspects but also for everything related to official communications done on board.

In addition to the language spoken on board, the fact that Italy is a peninsula facing the Mediterranean makes it a country rich in ports, and this makes it easier to embark-sometimes you embark right “down home.”

So if you are a first-time cruiser, and you are Italian, we feel comfortable pointing you to a choice made between Costa cruises, Msc, Ncl or Royal Caribbean.

All guarantee Italian language on board and embark from many Italian ports.

However, if you are comfortable with English then your choice is wider extending to all other companies with the only drawback being that they will have few or no departures from Italian ports to Mediterranean destinations.

In terms of prices Msc and Costa are equivalent, royal caribbean and NCL are in a higher price range.

the best from the suite cruise

How to choose a cabin

Those who are now for the first time choosing a cruise vacation will find that they will not only have to choose the ship, the itinerary, but also the cabin and even its exact location.

All companies tend to differentiate the price of cabins by type and location. The most common rule is the lower we are the less the cabin will have a low price, the higher we are the higher the price will be regardless of type. In addition the type affects the price but the wrong choice also affects the experience that the future passenger is going to have

In fact, future cruise passengers are often influenced solely by price when choosing a cabin, and this can often ruin expectations and consequently in some cases preclude the cruise as a subsequent vacation.

This post will give you a clear view of things so that you can make the choice with greater peace of mind.

Trying to exemplify, the macro categories of cabins are

  • Inside Cabins
  • Exterior cabins
  • Balcony cabins
  • Suites

These four macro categories give rise depending on the company we choose to a series of cabins named by different names by each individual shipowner but which in fact can be traced back to one of the four mentioned.

In addition to the type as we have said the future cruise passenger must also choose the location. So the mix of the two choices made with the greatest awareness will be the key to the success of the future vacation .

Very expensive cabins

The choice of cabin will partially affect your vacation if you have made a choice that is not very appropriate to your usual way of taking a vacation.

If you are a traveler, meaning that you do not want to stand still for a second, that you will participate in as many of the possible activities that the ship offers, well then if you are not claustrophobic choose an inside cabin, you will spend little and enjoy all the comforts of the other cabins

But since you will always be outside in the cabin you will just sleep.

On the other hand, if without at least one window you just can’t stay, well then an outside cabin with a window or porthole will do just fine. Remember that portholes and windows are sealed and cannot be opened in most cases.

On the other hand, if you are on your first cruise or magri celebrating an anniversary or event, then the balcony cabin will give you and your fellow passengers a unique feeling.

The balcony is overlooking the sea so if you suffer from vertigo and choose a high deck you may not fully enjoy the experience and therefore opt for a lower deck.

If, on the other hand, you have no such problems, then a balcony located high up will make you feel like a king. You can enjoy breakfast on the balcony every morning in absolute privacy and with a view that in most cases will leave you breathless.

No hotel room by the sea will ever give you these feelings

If, on the other hand, you are incontentatible, demanding and perhaps a bit megalomaniacal, well then the suite is right for you in every way.

Better locations, better service, in some cases exclusive amenities such as reserved ares, reserved spas and reserved restaurants. In this case it should be noted that there is no limit to the opulence you can find cabins from 50 sq. m. up to cabins of 300 sq. m. or more real apartments by the sea.

Suites are not only suitable for those who want more but also for those who have a large family and therefore find in a suite the right size to spend a vacation with the right living spaces.

In addition keep in mind across the board the following tips:

  1. If you get seasick, the ideal location is a central cabin in very low decks
  2. If susceptible to noise avoid center cabins
  3. Do you want everything within easy reach or due to mobility needs do you need elevators? choose a center cabin in a high deck . Everything will be within easy reach
  4. Want the best view, choose cabins (almost always suites ) at the perimeter corners of the ship and you will enjoy a 180° view

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