People Mover Venice

The People Mover

is a cable-operated train system that’s similar to the automated trams in many large airports...

The People Mover in Venice, it’s a monorail train that, with no driver, goes back and forth from piazzale Roma to Tronchetto island… Being an elevated shuttle trains offer quick (wheelchair-accessible) connections between three points:
  • Piazzale Roma, where locals and visitors arrive in the city by public bus, airport bus, taxi, or car.

  • Marittima cruise terminal, where many passenger ships arrive and depart.

  • Tronchetto parking island, which has indoor and outdoor parking for thousands of cars and is also the arrival point for most tour buses.

People mover Venice

On a recent trip to Venice, we took a ride on the People Mover to see how this transport system works. The Venice People Mover is a monorail system that links three of Venice’s transport hubs:
  • Piazzale Roma – the main Venice public bus terminal from where you can catch the public buses, the airport buses to Marco Polo Airport and Treviso Airport and taxis. There is also a car-park here.
  • Venice Marittima Cruise Terminal – where all visiting cruise ships moor
  • Tronchetto – an artificial island, within easy reach of Venice, which is dedicated to car parks

Catching the People Mover from Piazzale Roma

On Piazzale Roma, a sign directs people to the entrance of the People Mover station. The signposted entrance to the People Mover station is at the south-western corner of Piazzale Roma, next to the car parking station. On entering the building, you will see three ticket-vending machines on your left. Whether you’re going to the Marittima Cruise Terminal or all the way to Tronchetto, the fare is €1.50 (2016) for a single journey ticket. The machine accepts Euro coins or notes and credit cards.

Entrance to People Mover at Piazzale Roma


Validating your ticket at the People Mover Barrier

A set of escalator takes you to the platform level of the People Mover. There is also a lift so wheel-chair bound travellers are able to ride the People Mover. At the People Mover platform, glass walls close off the train track from the platform where the train pulls in. An electronic indicator above the door tells you when the next train will be arriving.  
Venice People Mover platform

Glass walls at the People Mover platform

  When the train arrives, the glass door on the far side opens to let passengers disembark, after which the door on the embarkation side opens to let passengers board. There were several people in our cabin with large cases and they all got off at the Marittima Cruise Terminal stop. (Note: There is a 5-minute walk from the People Mover station to the port.) The train then went on to Tronchetto for people headed for the carpark.

Venice People Mover

From our experience, it appears that the Venice People Mover is pretty simple to use. Even if you’re not headed for the cruise terminal or the car park, a ride on the People Mover is enjoyable as it lets you see this section of Venice for the cost of €1.50 (2016) each way. At Tronchetto, we took the train back to Piazzale Roma. Font: