Limited mobility service

Limited mobility people service

Limited mobility people service

Even those who are limited in mobility, have the opportunity to travel with us by taking advantage of specially equipped vehicles with electro-hydraulic platform without having to move from the wheelchair

The service is also available in Venice city center with boats equipped with the same type of device

Built for convenience

Alternative options for disability transportation include converted vehicles with rear entry or side entry where the passenger enters via a lift or ramp.

Ramps and motorized lifts can both be very bulky and unsightly whether they are on the side or on the rear.

Exclusive Comfort

Typically, converted vehicles for accessibility seat the wheelchair passenger in the back of the car or in the middle.

Our vehicle has plenty of room for wheelchairs to maneuver inside the vehicle and seat the wheelchair passenger in the front forward position

We can seat one wheelchair or scooter comfortably plus 5 additional passengers.

There is plenty of room for all passengers to ride safely and securely, while still having lots of space for suitcases in the trunk.

How our system works

Electro-Hydrostatic actuators (EHAs), replace hydraulic systems with self-contained actuators operated solely by electrical power and eliminate the need for separate hydraulic pumps and tubing, because they include their own pump simplifying system architectures and improving safety and reliability.

This technology originally was developed for the aerospace industry but has since expanded into many other industries where hydraulic power is commonly used.
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